GOAT Tools

All you need to create-launch-moon your project with confidence!


The groundbreaking token revolutionizing the crypto marketing industry!

GOAT Tools is more than just a project, it’s a one stop platform and a series of TG bots that’ll be powerful marketing tools. Each generated income will make this a deflationary token like no other! There’s no end to the amount of bot marketing tools that will be created. 

Goat Tools offers an incredible range of cutting-edge crypto TG Bots marketing/crypto services, designed to boost your project’s visibility and success. From our selection of free marketing and data collecting bots to strategic marketing plans, engaging content creation and every form of marketing service you could ever need, we’ve got you covered!

GOAT Tools Token

GOAT Tools Token is a Deflationary token launching on the Ethereum network. It has a unique reward mechanism for our privatesale floor holders and brand ambassadors. This gives us a really solid foundations and sets us up to have a really strong chart and an active, effective brand awareness campaign, coupled with the deflationary aspect of a very heavy buyback and burn rate funded through our marketing and BSC/ETH trending bot profits.

GOAT Services

We are not your average caller. Our team will do a full assessment of your project covering all fundamentals. We then work with you on whatever budget you have to apply our knowledge and expertise helping you lay fundamentals that may not already be in place and gain exposure through a mix of paid and none paid marketing methods. We can work as closely as you require whether it be in your core team as CMO or just an advisor you call upon. Once you take a call from us we will always be there for you and offer our long term support.

Economy Model

We will put 50% of our marketing and call channel profits into buybacks and burn it causing a rapid decrease in supply and a fast supply shock. The project and our team are one and will be alive for as long as we are in the space which will be for many years to come yet. Having spent the last 3 years networking and building a huge amount of contacts for everything imaginable in this space.


What We Offer

Don’t know where to start in a Crypto project? We’ve got the best tools to help you get started!


Ethereum Network


Version 1

Phase 1
  • Website
  • Roadmap
  • Whitepaper
  • Social media channels
  • Telegram community
  • Contract
  • Audit

Phase 2
  • Private sale/ICO
  • Aggressive marketing
  • Presale
  • Even more aggressive marketing
  • Launch
  • Enough marketing to meet requirements for CMC listing

Phase 3
  • 500 holders
  • Coin Gecko listing
  • CMC listing
  • Trending on multiple platforms
  • Influencers/partnerships
  • BSC TG trending bot goes live
  • ETH trending bot goes live
  • New TG bot goes live
Phase 4
  • Many press releases
  • CEX listing
  • Billboards
  • 5,000 holders
  • Certik audit


Meet The CEO


My personal brand “GOAT” has been spreading as a marketer, caller and dev. I am getting busier and busier as a marketer and caller offering every possible service at the best prices. So it’s time to showcase my brand in the form of a deflationary ETH token in partnership with VNetworkOfficial launchpad. I am their official and only marketer and we will work in partnership together. This will be an investment in me and my fast growing brand.


Get in touch with us now

Feel free to email us at  info@goat-tools.com